An International Meeting

On Thursday 12th of November the Lodge completed some work done as a courtesy to The Grand Orient of Brazil.

Bro. Marcus Nascimento came to The University of Surrey last autumn to study for a Master’s Degree. Having been initiated by his father in Brazil over the summer, he was keen to progress in Freemasonry in this country. A long process of international masonic diplomacy ensued to enable Onlsow Lodge to Pass and Raise Bro. Marcus.

Having been Passed to the 2nd Degree in October, Bro. Marcus was joined by his father for his Raising ceremony. Both said it was a very special occasion and a very proud father thanked Onslow Lodge for arranging and performing the ceremony. During the ceremony Bro. Marcus was invested with his father Master Mason’s apron which had been brought over from Brazil especially for the occasion.

The Worshipful Master, W Bro. David Fairhurst (left) with Bro. Nasimento (centre) and W Bro Nascimento (right)

Particular thanks should go to the Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro. Sir David Hugh Wootton, whose decision to institute a ‘Culture of “Yes” rather than a culture of “No”.’ was instrumental in getting this work done.