Gerry Makes it 6 Times a Master

The lodge room seats were filled 3-deep in places as 44 brethren assembled to see Past Junior Grand Deacon, W. Bro. Gerry Yockney installed as the 127th Master of Onslow Lodge. This was Gerry’s 6th Installation as Worshipful Master, his second in Onslow Lodge.

W. Bro Gerry Yockney, Worshipful Master

Installing Master, W. Bro. David Fairhurst, commented on how much Freemasonry, and the world, has changed since Gerry was last Master of the Lodge and said it was good to see renewed enthusiasm from a distinguished Grand Officer now approaching his 80th birthday.

Gerry said he was looking forward to leading the Lodge through the next 12 months and, with the Universities’ Scheme now well established, want’s to focus on bringing in members from the local community to give us the continuity that we need to make sure Onslow Lodge can support student members in their brief time with us.Ca9YubVW8AANrAk

Gerry chose a balance of youth and experience in appointing his Officers. Who are all delighted to be serving under such a distinguished Master.