Kipling’s poems gathered father and son in the brotherhood chain in England


Letter from Bro. Onnik Ovanezov (Bulgaria)

Triple Initiation marked the first visit of Brethren from Ararat Lodge – Orient Varna, №76 under the UGL of Bulgaria at the Onslow Lodge – Pat. 2234, Guilford, Surrey County under the UGL of England.
The reason for the joint work of the Bulgarian and the English brethren were the dedication in the apprentice of Daniel – son of Bro. Stanislav from the Lodge “Ararat”, into Onslow Lodge. Together with Daniel – two more students came in, too alumni of the University of Surrey. Ceremony went into an extremely well-intentioned atmosphere and in full harmony.

Delegation of Lodge “Ararat” bestowed of their English brethren plaque and official almanac from the UGL of Bulgaria project “Generic Memory”, „Between the river and the sea”, which contains historical notes and pictures of paintings of Bulgarian – Armenian artist Bedig Bedrosyan (1912-1989). In the work of the Lodges took part the AGM of the PVL of Surrey W.Bro. Mike Harding.

Bulgarian delegation was led by the Master of Lodge Ararat, Orient Varna – W.Bro. Kevork Krikoryan, and they participated in it the Brethren Onnik Ovanezov, Plamen Dimov and Stanislav Mitev.

W.Bro. Mike Harding spoke of the symbolic jubilee sign in the initiation of the three gentlemen in the Onslow Lodge – this year the Brethren celebrate 130 years since its founding (24.01.1888).

A very bright moment of the celebration of the Light highlighted the dedication of WBro. Paul Cope, who turned to the newly adopted apprentices with the poem “The Mother Lodge” by Brother Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936). It loud, nostalgic and full of eternal love poems for the Lodge – Mother (see the poem in the original-here, bb), expected to remind us of the paternal and brotherly covenants to the son of the poem “If”. It also has come out under the golden pen of J. R. Kipling (cf. poem in the original here, translated) and translated into Bulgarian from the poetry maestro Valeri Petrov.

After the ritual, the evening continued in hearty Agappa, during which there were lifted toasts for a keen and fruitful collaboration between the “Ararat” and “Onslow” Lodges, for prosperity and the harmony of all the Brethren of the UGLB and UGLE, for peace and the rise of the countries.