Welcome To Surrey

Freshers’ Fair

29 September 2017

We met loads of you at our stall in the Student Union. If you didn’t stop to talk don’t worry. You can still come to our next event to learn more about us. See below.

Wetherspoons, Guildford

Sunday 1st October, 12noon

We met in Wetherspoons in Guildford on Sunday 1st October for drinks and a chat. Thanks to those who came. I hope you found it informative. If you couldn’t make it don’t worry there are plenty of further opportunities to  find out more.

Visits Guildford Masonic Centre

Monday 2nd October, 7pm

It was great to see so many of you at the centre. I am so pleased that you all took away application forms. Contact David direct when you’re ready to hand them back and we’ll arrange a further visit.

Monday 9th October, 7pm

A further chance for a tour of the centre and to have your questions answered.  Application forms can be returned in person. (Location at the bottom of the page.)

Monday 16th October 7pm

A final opportunity to have your questions answered and to pick up an application form.

Candidate Interviews

Interviews will be held in late October and early November.


An extraordinary meeting will be held in December to initiate candidates successful at interview.

Still Undecided?

In partnership with Surrey Lodge No 45 (our partner women’s Lodge) We hope to be able to form Surrey University Masonic Society in this academic year. They will organise socials, presentations and lectures which will give potential candidates more information about Freemasonry (without spoiling any of the mystery). it will be an excellent opportunity to meet young Freemasons at Surrey University and talk about being a Freemason. This Society will be open to all.