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Guildford Freemasons - Onslow Lodge 2234

Onslow Masonic Lodge is a very warm and welcoming Lodge, with a strong camaraderie amongst its members.

Our membership is drawn from diverse backgrounds (local, national & internationally), all walks of life and broad interests.

Our members ages range from early 20s to late 80s.

When We Meet

We meet 4 times per year on the 2nd Thursday in
October, November, February and March at Guildford Masonic Centre.

We pride ourselves on an extremely high standard of meeting whilst at the same time being very enjoyable too, with all members of the Lodge having the opportunity to take part (if they wish).

Following our meetings we have dinner together, enjoying the camaraderie of the Lodge and making new friends too.

Our Members

The diversity of our members is what makes us very special. Here are just some of the professions our members are drawn from:

University students (Undergrads, PhD), University Lecturer, Retired Police Officer, Business Owners, Recruiter, Pharmacist, Retired RAF Officer & Pilot, Marketing Director, Geologist, Retired Electrical Manager

The hobbies of our members are just as diverse too:

Rugby, Golf, Hiking/Walking, Travel, Scuba Diving, Amateur Dramatics, Reading, History, Photography, Golf, Genealogy, Gardening, Volunteering, Aircraft, Stamps, Model Railway, Cycling, Part Time Inventor, Fossil Hunting & Collecting Insects

To learn more about the history of Onslow Lodge 2234, click below to read our commemorative booklet:
Onslow Lodge Centenary 1888 - 1998

and for Past Masters click below:
Onslow Lodge 2234 Past Masters

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Over a period of about two years I lost the two men I was closest to, my two best friends – my Father and my Brother. They left a void in my life.

I knew little about Freemasonry until I saw the TV programme and having watched it, it felt like Freemasonry could fill that void. It appeared to offer that friendship and Brotherhood that I was missing.

To me Freemasonry is about being part of a large family, a family of men who care not only about each other but those around them and society in general. It’s about friendship, camaraderie, doing good and a feeling of belonging to something that makes me a better man.

I only wish I'd joined sooner.



When I was serving my 1st year as a qualified pharmacist in New Zealand I found a stack of books in the shop where I was working.

Couldn’t understand some of the words so asked my boss about them. He didn’t know either and told me to go and ask the old owner of the shop.

I did and he said if I was interested in finding out more I should meet some people outside the Masonic Hall one evening.

I did and eventually I was so curious I decided to join. The books belonged to the old owner who turned out to be the Provincial Grand Master of the North Island of NZ. He proposed me and I was appointed librarian after a couple of meetings due to my interest in history. That was 1968.

Guildford Masonic Centre, Weybourne House, Hitherbury Close, Guildford GU2 4DR

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